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Sunnen machines ensure tighter tolerances and superb bore geometry, resulting in valves capable of operating more efficiently at higher pressures and with less leakage.

Whether you use hydraulic systems to power an offshore oil rig or control underground mining equipment, there’s no room for error. Sunnen is the technological leader for high-precision honing of all types of hydraulic valves and components.  For every hydraulic valve application, our advanced, precision honing technology: • Reduces clearance between the sleeve and the spool to minimize valve leakage. • Improves bore accuracy for higher-pressure operation and efficiency. • Creates customized surface finishes that wear at a slower rate and prolong valve life.  • Provides improved process control and greater accuracy, reducing valve rejection rate. Our technology delivers the quality, consistency and power you need for honing ultra-precise hydraulic cylinders. No matter what you need, there’s a Sunnen solution for you. 

HTB Series Tube Hones


Series Tube Hones

The Sunnen HTB Series is perfect for job shops needing a flexible system for small production applications and repair work.

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HTH Series Tube Hones


Series Tube Hones

With Sunnen's HTH Series, precision sizing and finishing of long and large bores is easier and more productive than ever.

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HTG Series Tube Hones


Series Tube Hones

Sunnen's new HTG Series provides the speed, precision and power needed to meet the demands of the heavy-duty industry.

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HTS Series Tube Hones


Series Tube Hones

The new HTS Series combines unparalleled power, precision and technology to exceed the highest demands for production for tubes of any size.

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