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Sunnen is the world leader in the development of tube honing systems, with seven models and more than 800 in operation worldwide.

Whether used to power a lift platform, bulldozer or crane, hydraulic components must be reliable year-after-year. When paired with the superior quality of our Sunnen-built tooling and precision-graded abrasives, these machines deliver the tight tolerances and optimal surface finishes that help insure no leaks, no loss of power and most importantly, no down time. Whether you use hydraulics to power your lift platform in the mine or to operate a fork lift on a construction site, you cannot afford for things to stop working. That’s why Sunnen delivers the tightest tolerances and smoothest surface finishes in the industry — no leaks, no loss of power, and most importantly, no down time. For the quality, consistency and power you need, Sunnen has the honing solution.

HTA Tube Hone


Tube Hone

The HTA is Sunnen's first all-electric, lean design tube hone that packs high-end features into an affordable, flexible system.

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HTD Heavy Duty Tube Hone


Heavy Duty Tube Hone

Sunnen's HTD Heavy Duty Tube Hone provides enough power to allow direct honing of rough parts without expensive bore drilling.

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HTB Series Tube Hones


Series Tube Hones

The Sunnen HTB Series is perfect for job shops needing a flexible system for small production applications and repair work.

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HTS Series Tube Hones


Series Tube Hones

The new HTS Series combines unparalleled power, precision and technology to exceed the highest demands for production for tubes of any size.

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SV-2400 Series Vertical Hones


Series Vertical Hones

The SV-2400 Series produces the straightest, roundest and most consistent bore, making vertical honing more precise and productive than ever.

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SV-2500 Series Vertical Hones


Series Vertical Hones

The SV-2500 Series combines multi-spindle processing flexibility with fast cycle times to meet the ultra-precise requirements of large part applications.

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HTH Series Tube Hones


Series Tube Hones

With Sunnen's HTH Series, precision sizing and finishing of long and large bores is easier and more productive than ever.

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HTG Series Tube Hones


Series Tube Hones

Sunnen's new HTG Series provides the speed, precision and power needed to meet the demands of the heavy-duty industry.

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