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Oil and Gas

Sunnen is the technological leader for high-precision honing of all types of down-hole oil field instruments and tubes.

Whether on-land or offshore, Sunnen has a full line of machines, tools and abrasives for whatever workpiece or material you are honing. With a family of 10 precision honing systems, we can supply the exact system to meet your needs. With decades of experience in the oil and gas industry alone, we know the challenges you face. That’s why our machines maintain the tightest tolerances and create the exact bore geometry you need. Trust Sunnen’s superior honing technology to keep your systems running in peak condition.

Sunnen machines hone industry-critical parts, including:

  • Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG)
  • Sub-surface Safety Valves
  • Mud Pump Liners
  • Flow Meters
  • Radial Bearings
  • BHA (Bottom-of-Hole Assembly)
  • MWD (Measurement While Drilling)
  • LWD (Logging While Drilling)
  • Rock Drills
  • Liner Hangers
  • Setting Collars
  • DHSV (Down Hole Safety Valves)
  • Casing
  • Sucker Rod Pump Barrels
  • Pup Joints
  • Natural Gas Compressor Liners
HTA Tube Hone


Tube Hone

The HTA is Sunnen's first all-electric, lean design tube hone that packs high-end features into an affordable, flexible system.

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HTB Series Tube Hones


Series Tube Hones

The Sunnen HTB Series is perfect for job shops needing a flexible system for small production applications and repair work.

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HTG Series Tube Hones


Series Tube Hones

Sunnen's new HTG Series provides the speed, precision and power needed to meet the demands of the heavy-duty industry.

Explore HTG
SV-2400 Series Vertical Hones


Series Vertical Hones

The SV-2400 Series produces the straightest, roundest and most consistent bore, making vertical honing more precise and productive than ever.

Explore SV-2400
HTE Tube Hone


Tube Hone

Sunnen's all-electric HTE series offers three workholding options and a PC-controlled operator station, specifically designed for small-diameter, long-bore parts.

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SV-2000 Series Vertical Hones


Series Vertical Hones

The fully customizable SV-2000 Series delivers extreme control and a consistent crosshatch pattern for every honing need and application.

Explore SV-2000
HTC Series Tube Hones


Series Tube Hones

The Sunnen HTC Series is designed for optimum control of bore geometry, perfect for small-diameter bores in long workpieces.

Explore HTC
HTS Series Tube Hones


Series Tube Hones

The new HTS Series combines unparalleled power, precision and technology to exceed the highest demands for production for tubes of any size.

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HTH Series Tube Hones


Series Tube Hones

With Sunnen's HTH Series, precision sizing and finishing of long and large bores is easier and more productive than ever.

Explore HTH
SV-2500 Series Vertical Hones


Series Vertical Hones

The SV-2500 Series combines multi-spindle processing flexibility with fast cycle times to meet the ultra-precise requirements of large part applications.

Explore SV-2500