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Shot Sleeves

As one of the earliest companies serving the die cast industry, Sunnen is the technological leader in honing high-precision shot sleeves.

When used with Sunnen-built tooling and abrasives, our honing systems deliver the tight tolerances and optimum bore geometry needed for efficient, long lasting shot sleeves. That means a lower chance of bypass, less waste and more profit. Regular maintenance calls for honing to repair or refinish the shot sleeves. This process can be quite costly if you rely on someone else to do the honing for you. Companies that bring this honing process in-house easily recover the cost of machine by saving shipping and labor costs and avoiding revenue loss from down time. In-house honing with a Sunnen machine not only improves your output, it can improve your bottom line.

HTG Series Tube Hones


Series Tube Hones

Sunnen's new HTG Series provides the speed, precision and power needed to meet the demands of the heavy-duty industry.

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HTS Series Tube Hones


Series Tube Hones

The new HTS Series combines unparalleled power, precision and technology to exceed the highest demands for production for tubes of any size.

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HTB Series Tube Hones


Series Tube Hones

The Sunnen HTB Series is perfect for job shops needing a flexible system for small production applications and repair work.

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HTH Series Tube Hones


Series Tube Hones

With Sunnen's HTH Series, precision sizing and finishing of long and large bores is easier and more productive than ever.

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