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Vertical Machines

Since 1924, Sunnen has set the industry standard in creating vertical honing solutions for heavy-duty applications.

When paired with the superior quality of our Sunnen-built tooling and precision-graded abrasives, these machines deliver the quality, durability, power and precision required for any application.

From mining and construction to oil and gas, Sunnen machines fit virtually any budget and any application. The SV-10 is a fast and economical out-of-the-box solution perfect for honing large or oddly shaped workpieces. The SV-2500 system offers the fastest and most precise control of feed on the market and can be built to meet your exact requirements.

Every system we make is backed by our worldwide sales and service team, which provides comprehensive, in-person support for the installation and operation throughout the life of the machine.

SV-10 Vertical Hone


Vertical Hone

The SV-10 is built to make your vertical honing faster, easier, more precise, more productive and more profitable.

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SV-20 Vertical Hone


Vertical Hone

The SV-20 is the first competitively priced large-part honing machine, packed with features found only on machines costing twice as much.

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SV-2000 Series Vertical Hones


Series Vertical Hones

The fully customizable SV-2000 Series delivers extreme control and a consistent crosshatch pattern for every honing need and application.

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SV-2400 Series Vertical Hones


Series Vertical Hones

The SV-2400 Series produces the straightest, roundest and most consistent bore, making vertical honing more precise and productive than ever.

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SV-2500 Series Vertical Hones


Series Vertical Hones

The SV-2500 Series combines multi-spindle processing flexibility with fast cycle times to meet the ultra-precise requirements of large part applications.

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