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Tooling & Abrasives

Since 1924, Sunnen has set the standard for precision honing technology.

This experience is evident in our complete line of honing tools. We build everything in-house to provide you with the highest-quality and longest-lasting tools on the market. From Single Stroke® Honing tools and KROSSGRINDING® tools to brushes and customized mandrels – our tools bring you the speed, accuracy and precision we know you need.

Sunnen’s diamond-plated honing tools and sleeves are designed for your high-production, ultra-precise honing applications, delivering maximum accuracy for cycle time and long tool life.

Sunnen’s Technical Service center experts can also perform a thorough analysis of any application to help you improve the quality, efficiency, productivity and profitability of your honing operations.

Sunnen's tooling is available for all Sunnen honing systems as well as most honing machines manufactured by other companies. All Sunnen products come with the best technical and customer support in the industry.

CGT and CRT Tools



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CK Tooling



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CV Tooling



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DH-Series Diamond Honing Tools


Diamond Honing Tools

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GHSS Series Honing Tool

GHSS Series

Honing Tool

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GHTS Series Honing Tools


Series Honing Tools

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MMT High Production


High Production

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MPS Hone Head Modules


Hone Head Modules

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Single Stroke Honing® Tools

Single Stroke

Honing® Tools

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Standard Mandrels

Standard Mandrels

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As the world’s foremost authority on honing, Sunnen has incorporated more than 90 years of research and development into a complete, top-quality line of honing abrasives.

We manufacture all of our abrasives to our own high standards, and then grade and qualify each stone to ensure the stones you buy today will perform exactly the same as the ones you bought last year or will buy next month.

Not only do we offer the industry’s largest variety of abrasive materials, bond types, grain sizes and stone configurations, we also have the largest staff of engineers and technical experts, continually working to advance the honing process. From aluminum oxide and silicon carbide conventional abrasives to diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) superabrasives, our honing stones deliver unparalleled quality, accuracy and performance. Regardless of the material being honed – including ordinary hardened steel and hard-to-hone materials like corrosion resistant (CRA) alloys and Inconel – you can depend on Sunnen honing abrasives to meet your needs.



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