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Accessory Specifications


Specially designed for engine cylinder honing applications

Available diameter ranges:

Four models of CK series hone heads cover the bore size range of 2.000 in. to 8.000 in. (51 mm to 203 mm)


CK Tooling

Sunnen's CV/CK tooling produces straight, round cylinders, even if the bore being honed is in poor condition. Bores can be both sized and finished without boring first.


  • Sunnen precision-graded honing stones produce the exact surface finish you need
  • High stock removal rates allow cylinders to be both sized and finished without boring first
  • Sunnen's exclusive two-stone offset hone head design produces straight, round cylinders with minimal stock removal, even when starting with out-of-round bores
  • Stones can be changed in seconds for fast setup and changeover
  • Can be used with old and new Sunnen cylinder honing machines including the CK-10, CK-21, CV-616, SV-10 and SV-20
  • Rugged, economical and easy to use
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