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Accessory Specifications

Abrasive Length:

Up to 12 in. with special lengths and hardtips available for blind bores

Abrasive Size:

.062 in. - .500 in. Height and Width


7 different types to allow us to optimize stone life and performance


Standard (25 – 100) and others per special request

Grain Type:

Diamond (3 types) and CBN (2 types)

Grit Size:

30 – 1800


All standard and special mounts available based on application. Steel, Aluminum, and Brass



Sunnen's superabrasives are a new generation of honing abrasives that consistently outperform ordinary conventional honing stones in both stock removal rates and stone life. The fast cutting action reduces the honing time, while the long stone life reduces both the abrasive cost-per-part and down time for stone changeover, resulting in a lower overall cost-per-part honed.

Sunnen's superabrasives can easily handle even the most difficult bore sizing and finishing jobs. Depending on the application, either diamond or cubic boron nitride (CBN) superabrasives may be the best choice.

Sunnen offers three types of superabrasive bonds — vitrified, metal and resin — to ensure proper stone characteristics for each application and to optimize production efficiencies. The many combinations of hardness and bond strength enable you to tackle virtually any honing application with high levels of precision and accuracy.

Sunnen also offers the industry's largest variety of grit sizes and stone configurations in stock and ready for shipment. Plus, Sunnen superabrasives perform equally well on non-Sunnen honing equipment.

With Sunnen superabrasives, your operation will achieve greater economies and higher quality levels than ever before.

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